Dining at Thailand’s Highest Restaurant – Mahanakhon Sky Bar

Life is all about experiencing new things. To see and explore new things is especially essential when you are feeling down. You will realize that there are more to life than the negative thoughts inside your head.

Standing on top of Thailand’s highest restaurant and bar, feeling the wind blowing in my face, making me realize that life is still beautiful. The difficult time comes and goes. We all have problems, and someday we will walk out of it just fine.

2019-09-21 06.07.48 1.jpg
King Power Mananakhon Building

Mahanakhon Skybar is the highest restaurant in Thailand. It located on the 76th to 78th floor of King Power Mahanakhon – an iconic building in the heart of Bangkok. The highest point of the rooftop bar is at 314 meters above the ground.

2019-09-21 06.07.46 1.jpg

The reception counter of Mahanakhon Sky Bar caught my eyes as soon as we got inside the King Power Mahanakhon Building. I recommended booking in advance to get a good table and views. The staff here are very welcoming. The staff would accompany us to the elevator and took us up to the 76th floor. Customers were not allowed to go up the building by themselves. The elevator ride here is a fun journey itself. You can enjoy cinematic videos about traveling in Thailand on all four walls of the elevator.

2019-09-21 06.07.45 1.jpg

Customers of Mahanakhon Bangkok Sky Bar can enjoy the rooftop view, glass skywalk, and outdoor observation deck on the 78th floor for free. Only for those who guarantee a minimum spend of 1,000 baht per person though. If you are not dining at Mahanakhon Sky Bar, you can also enjoy a unique 360-degree panoramic view of the city surrounding. You can get an access ticket at the Lobby at about 700 Baht.

2019-09-21 06.07.44 1.jpg

The restaurant is open at 17.00 hrs. I suggest coming at late afternoon around 17.30 hrs. before sunset so that you can experience the city view in daylight. You can go up to the observation deck while waiting for the food to serve. Take all the pictures you want and then come down two floors for delicious food.

I can’t complete this blog post without a mention about the Executive Chef of Bangkok Mahanakhon Sky Bar, Joshua Cameron. Before bringing his talent of Western and Asian cuisine to Bangkok, he previously based in New York’s world-renowned Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park.

Without a doubt, I enjoy food and beverages at Mahanakhon sky bar very much despite losing my appetite recently. Thai food is one of the world most famous cuisine. As a Thai, I am proud of our national food and usually don’t like Thai fusion food. But at Mahanakhon sky bar, despite being combines with the Western element, I can still taste real Thai food in every dish.

As the night went by, people keep coming into the restaurant, making the place lively. Mahanakhon Sky Bar also offers talented DJ mixing who light up the whole area with his music magic. At around 20.00 hrs is the showtime for a group of opera singers and dancers. That little show was quite a performance. Love it!

By the time we were finishing our dinner, it’s completely dark outside. It’s time for us to go up to the observation deck again — this time for the scenic view of Bangkok at night. There was no mobile phone signal up there. I remember myself sitting there and live the moment. I’m sure you are going to love that feeling.

I had a great night that day. Another enjoyable way to experience Bangkok. Thankful for everything and everyone that make it happen.

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