Thonglor Nihon Ichiba: From the Sea of Japan to the Heart of Bangkok

Hello there, today I’ll take you to another place where you can eat delicious food in the heart of Bangkok. Bangkok is a diverse cultural city, and Thonglor area is probably one of the riches cultural mixes in town. Thai people are familiar with Japanese food, and yes, today we are going to another Japanese influenced place.

Thai people love traveling to Japan, and one of the must-do activities there is to visit a fish market. It’s not a surprise to me that we finally bring the Japanese fish market to Bangkok. Thonglor Nihon Ichiba offers the sense and vibes of the Japanese fish market in a more compact size. Fish and seafood here fly in daily from Japan to ensure good quality.

Open daily at 9:00 am, close at 6:00 pm. Anyone missing walking in a fish market in Japan? Thonglor Nihon Ichiba is the place you should be. As far as I know, here is not the only Japanese fish market in Bangkok. But I recommend this place because it is budget-friendly with good quality of the product.

The market might not be as big as one expected. But it is spotlessly clean, and the seafood is fresh as if you’re eating in Japan. There is a wide selection of live and fresh seafood as well as frozen ones. Not only seafood, wagyu beef, vegetables, and fruits are also available. Once bought, you can let the staff cook the product for you at an inexpensive additional charge.

There is a sitting zone on the second floor where you can sit down and enjoy the food. There, utensils, cutlery, chopsticks, sauces, and salad dressings are available for free. Drinking water is also free, but if you are fond of Japanese drinks, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a small but well-selected collection of drinks in the fridge.

In terms of other facilities, in front of the market, there is a compact-size parking lot. Though the parking space is share among other stores in that area, the security guard was helpful to allocate the parking space for everyone. And of course, the bathroom here is clean as in Japan standard.

Before going, I recommend you take a look at their fan page first: Because there is a different product flying in from Japan every day, so you wouldn’t miss what you want to eat. Just looking at the photos on the fan page is enough to make me hungry.

If you still do not know where to go on this holiday. You can try to visit here. ^ ^


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