Office with the rice field

What I always proud of in my office is that we always try to blend in with nature. We are an engineering office and located in the big city of Bangkok. Therefore, it’s not easy to stay close to nature. But not only putting the garden and plants here and there, but we also take it to the next level to bring the rice field into our office.

Behind me are the solar panels and our headquarters building

Rice is one of the tops export products of Thailand. It’s the central part of our daily meal and our cultures. However, it’s not easy to find the rice field in the city. Seeing the rice field in our headquarters, in the city of Bangkok, reminded us every day of our roots.

My office runs around 40% of Thailand’s electricity generation. Right next to my office building is a natural gas power plant. We can grow vegetables and rice here means that power plants and nature can be together harmoniously. For people who are scared of power plants, I’ve been working at the power plant for ten years. And I’m very healthy.

Box-shape building on the top left is the North Bangkok Power Plant

Water uses to watering the vegetable patches, garden, and grow rice comes from wastewater from the power plant. Of course, after proper treatment. The rice gathers from this field was tested at the lap, and the result has shown that it is safe to consume. It means that wastewater from the power plant is safe.

Moreover, to maximize the utilization of the land. We built a glass-clear type of solar panel on top of the rice field. The sunlight can shine through solar panels to grow the rice underneath. Simultaneously, we can use electricity generated from the solar cell to run electric systems in the area.

We started planting the rice around August each year and gather the product around December. You may wonder where the rice product would go. Our staff and people in the community will help out in growing and gathering the rice. Then, we will give rice to local schools for students’ lunch.

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